Database:ID Pathway_Name Pathway_Database_Name CPATH_ID UNIPROT:O14763 Caspase-8 is formed from procaspase-8 REACTOME 486288 UNIPROT:O14763 TRAIL signaling REACTOME 486289 UNIPROT:O14763 Activation of Pro-Caspase 8 REACTOME 486291 UNIPROT:O14763 Death Receptor Signalling REACTOME 486300 UNIPROT:O14763 Extrinsic Pathway for Apoptosis REACTOME 486301 UNIPROT:O14763 Apoptosis REACTOME 486302 UNIPROT:O14763 Syndecan-1-mediated signaling events NCI_NATURE 517032 UNIPROT:O14763 Glypican pathway NCI_NATURE 517037 UNIPROT:O14763 GMCSF-mediated signaling events NCI_NATURE 517039 UNIPROT:O14763 Insulin Pathway NCI_NATURE 517044 UNIPROT:O14763 Nectin adhesion pathway NCI_NATURE 517050 UNIPROT:O14763 TRAIL signaling pathway NCI_NATURE 517058 UNIPROT:O14763 IGF1 pathway NCI_NATURE 517060 UNIPROT:O14763 Signaling events mediated by Hepatocyte Growth Factor Receptor (c-Met) NCI_NATURE 517069 UNIPROT:O14763 Glypican 1 network NCI_NATURE 517070 UNIPROT:O14763 PDGF receptor signaling network NCI_NATURE 517075 UNIPROT:O14763 Integrin family cell surface interactions NCI_NATURE 517077 UNIPROT:O14763 Internalization of ErbB1 NCI_NATURE 517087 UNIPROT:O14763 Signaling events mediated by VEGFR1 and VEGFR2 NCI_NATURE 517094 UNIPROT:O14763 Beta1 integrin cell surface interactions NCI_NATURE 517095 UNIPROT:O14763 Urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA) and uPAR-mediated signaling NCI_NATURE 517097 UNIPROT:O14763 IFN-gamma pathway NCI_NATURE 517107 UNIPROT:O14763 PAR1-mediated thrombin signaling events NCI_NATURE 517109 UNIPROT:O14763 PDGFR-beta signaling pathway NCI_NATURE 517118 UNIPROT:O14763 EGF receptor (ErbB1) signaling pathway NCI_NATURE 517128 UNIPROT:O14763 Thrombin/protease-activated receptor (PAR) pathway NCI_NATURE 517130 UNIPROT:O14763 Class I PI3K signaling events NCI_NATURE 517131 UNIPROT:O14763 Arf6 signaling events NCI_NATURE 517132 UNIPROT:O14763 Plasma membrane estrogen receptor signaling NCI_NATURE 517134 UNIPROT:O14763 IL3-mediated signaling events NCI_NATURE 517142 UNIPROT:O14763 mTOR signaling pathway NCI_NATURE 517149 UNIPROT:O14763 ErbB receptor signaling network NCI_NATURE 517151 UNIPROT:O14763 Signaling events mediated by focal adhesion kinase NCI_NATURE 517152 UNIPROT:O14763 VEGF and VEGFR signaling network NCI_NATURE 517153 UNIPROT:O14763 Alpha9 beta1 integrin signaling events NCI_NATURE 517156 UNIPROT:O14763 Arf6 downstream pathway NCI_NATURE 517163 UNIPROT:O14763 S1P1 pathway NCI_NATURE 517172 UNIPROT:O14763 ATM pathway NCI_NATURE 517177 UNIPROT:O14763 p53 pathway NCI_NATURE 517179 UNIPROT:O14763 ErbB1 downstream signaling NCI_NATURE 517180 UNIPROT:O14763 EGFR-dependent Endothelin signaling events NCI_NATURE 517181 UNIPROT:O14763 ATR signaling pathway NCI_NATURE 517187 UNIPROT:O14763 Arf6 trafficking events NCI_NATURE 517193 UNIPROT:O14763 Endothelins NCI_NATURE 517197 UNIPROT:O14763 IL5-mediated signaling events NCI_NATURE 517205 UNIPROT:O14763 Direct p53 effectors NCI_NATURE 517207 UNIPROT:O14763 Sphingosine 1-phosphate (S1P) pathway NCI_NATURE 517213 UNIPROT:O14763 Proteoglycan syndecan-mediated signaling events NCI_NATURE 517215 UNIPROT:O14763 Class I PI3K signaling events mediated by Akt NCI_NATURE 517226 UNIPROT:O14763 LKB1 signaling events NCI_NATURE 517227