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Data Source Details

Name: Cancer Cell Map
Description: The Cancer Cell Map: Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Web Site:
Release Version: 1.0
Release Date: 19-May-06

Batch Download

Original Data Files from Cancer Cell Map:

File Name Record Type Date imported Download
AndrogenReceptor_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
Wnt_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
KitReceptor_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
Hedgehog_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
Alpha6Beta4Integrin_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
TNFalpha_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
TGFBR_CancerCellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
ID_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
EGFR1_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11
NOTCH_Cancer_CellMap.owl BIO_PAX 19-Oct-11