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Protein: ZBT7B_MOUSE

Zinc finger and BTB domain-containing protein 7B

FUNCTION: Transcription regulator that acts as a key regulator of lineage commitment of immature T-cell precursors. Necessary and sufficient for commitment of CD4 lineage, while its absence causes CD8 commitment. Development of immature T-cell precursors (thymocytes) to either the CD4 helper or CD8 killer T-cell lineages correlates precisely with their T-cell receptor specificity for major histocompatibility complex class II or class I molecules, respectively. Transcriptional repressor of the collagen COL1A1 and COL1A2 genes. May also function as a repressor of fibronectin and possibly other extracellular matrix genes. more...


TISSUE SPECIFICITY: Widely expressed, with a higher level in skin. Expressed in thymus. Restricted to CD4 cells (mature single positive CD4(+) and intermediate CD4(+)CD8(+) cells). DEVELOPMENTAL STAGE: Expressed, beginning at 9.5 days of gestation and at 10.5 days in regions destined to become skin. In adult animals, expression is predominantly in skin.

DISEASE: Note=Defects in Zbtb7b are the cause of helper deficient disease (HD). HD mice are distinguished by the virtual absence of peripheral T-cells of the CD4(+)CD8(-) major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II-restricted T-helper subset due to a specific block in thymic development. The developmental defect is selective for CD4(+)CD8(-) cells; the maturation of CD4(-)CD8(+) and gamma delta T-cells is normal indicating that lineage commitment is specifically perturbed without affecting positive selection.

SIMILARITY: Contains 1 BTB (POZ) domain.

SIMILARITY: Contains 4 C2H2-type zinc fingers.

SEQUENCE CAUTION: Sequence=AAA61956.1; Type=Frameshift; Positions=96, 328, 336; Sequence=AAA61956.1; Type=Miscellaneous discrepancy; Note=Chimeric cDNA; Sequence=CAA85307.1; Type=Frameshift; Positions=96, 328, 336; Sequence=CAA85307.1; Type=Miscellaneous discrepancy; Note=Chimeric cDNA;


COPYRIGHT: Protein annotation is derived from the UniProt Consortium ( Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.



  • Mus musculus

Gene Symbol:

  • Zbtb7b


  • Zinc finger protein Th-POK
  • T-helper-inducing POZ/Krueppel-like factor
  • Zinc finger protein 67
  • c-Krox
  • Krueppel-related zinc finger protein cKrox
  • Zfp-67

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