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Protein: RE107_YEAST

Recombination protein 107

FUNCTION: Essential for meiotic chromosome segregation. MER1 and MER2 proteins must interact directly or indirectly. MER1 might be responsible for regulating the MER2 gene and/or gene product. MER2 is not required for mitosis and mitotic DNA repair mechanisms. Component of the MER2-MEI4-REC114 complex which seems to be required for meiotic double-strand break (DSB) formation. more...

SUBUNIT: Interacts with MEI4, REC114 and XRS2. Component of the MER2-MEI4-REC114 complex.

SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Nucleus. Chromosome. Note=Localizes to chromosomes.

PTM: Phosphorylated during meiotic prophase. Dephosphorylation seems to be dependent on DSB formation.


COPYRIGHT: Protein annotation is derived from the UniProt Consortium ( Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.



  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene Symbol:

  • REC107


  • Meiotic recombination protein 2

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