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Protein: EIF3F_HUMAN

Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit F

FUNCTION: Component of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF-3) complex, which is required for several steps in the initiation of protein synthesis. The eIF-3 complex associates with the 40S ribosome and facilitates the recruitment of eIF-1, eIF-1A, eIF-2:GTP:methionyl-tRNAi and eIF-5 to form the 43S preinitiation complex (43S PIC). The eIF-3 complex stimulates mRNA recruitment to the 43S PIC and scanning of the mRNA for AUG recognition. The eIF-3 complex is also required for disassembly and recycling of posttermination ribosomal complexes and subsequently prevents premature joining of the 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits prior to initiation. more...

SUBUNIT: Component of the eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 (eIF-3) complex, which is composed of 13 subunits: EIF3A, EIF3B, EIF3C, EIF3D, EIF3E, EIF3F, EIF3G, EIF3H, EIF3I, EIF3J, EIF3K, EIF3L and EIF3M. The eIF-3 complex appears to include 3 stable modules: module A is composed of EIF3A, EIF3B, EIF3G and EIF3I; module B is composed of EIF3F, EIF3H, and EIF3M; and module C is composed of EIF3C, EIF3D, EIF3E, EIF3K and EIF3L. EIF3C of module C binds EIF3B of module A and EIF3H of module B, thereby linking the three modules. EIF3J is a labile subunit that binds to the eIF-3 complex via EIF3B. The eIF-3 complex interacts with RPS6KB1 under conditions of nutrient depletion. Mitogenic stimulation leads to binding and activation of a complex composed of MTOR and RPTOR, leading to phosphorylation and release of RPS6KB1 and binding of EIF4B to eIF-3. Interacts with RNF139; the interaction leads to protein translation inhibitions in a ubiquitination- dependent manner.

SUBCELLULAR LOCATION: Cytoplasm (Probable).

PTM: Phosphorylated. Phosphorylation is enhanced upon serum stimulation. MASS SPECTROMETRY: Mass=37554.8; Method=Unknown; Range=1-357; Source=PubMed:17322308; MASS SPECTROMETRY: Mass=37475.6; Mass_error=0.2; Method=MALDI; Range=1-357; Source=PubMed:18599441;

SIMILARITY: Belongs to the eIF-3 subunit F family.

SIMILARITY: Contains 1 MPN (JAB/Mov34) domain.


COPYRIGHT: Protein annotation is derived from the UniProt Consortium ( Distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.



  • Homo sapiens

Gene Symbol:

  • EIF3F


  • eIF3 p47
  • eIF3f
  • eIF-3-epsilon
  • Eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3 subunit 5

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